Siemens 6Ruf. lap 22c@The VAC -made magnet is 1950’s full-range speaker unit that was used . Because it is a sound that is crisp in the firm , it is a speaker that can be used to choose a source .

大変希少なVAC マグネットを使った、vintage 1950″s 頃の名機、20cm フルレンジ Siemens 6Ruf. lap 22c です。大変趣のある艶やかな後面開放箱に入っています。当スタジオで長年ヨーロッパ系の音源のモニタリングに使用しています。軽いコーン紙と強力なVAC マグネットによるハイスピードで音離れの良い素晴らしいVintage monitor system speakersです。

The speaker , as a small monitor speakers of the studio such as audio equipment of Klangfilm, also , it has a brilliant track record , which is also used as a speaker system of cinema equipment for portable business of Siemens / Klangfilm.

We let go because of the new project funding . Thank you for your cooperation!!

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西独シーメンスの小型業務用フルレンジ・スピーカー 6Ruf Isp 22c

このスピーカーは、Klangfilm の音響機器、スタジオ等の小型モニター・スピーカーとして、また、Siemens / Klangfilmの可搬式業務用シネマ機器のスピーカー・システムとしても使用された輝かしい実績を有しています。


In full-range speaker of 8inc ( about 20cm), excellent balance of range , is very suitable for the reproduction of the musical tone by Acoustic system of instruments of vocal and small organization , a unique flavor in the goodness of the omission of the sound away Along with , we have what sound quality is also with the United States system of speakers that little bit different quaint excellent . Especially surprising the vividness of the human vocal cord regeneration , by the reproduction environment , just expand a three-dimensional sound like reality to appear in there . Very firm and has been mounted on the rear surface release BOX was , at the time of reproduction , height , by adjusting the distance and angle of the back of the wall , you can play with their favorite from vocal to Furuoke .


Germany vintage speakers are said to be Combined with the large capacity enclosure but , face open BOX after the compact that has been produced is the best in the monitoring by the carefully selected material . Body has been produced in lightweight , it has a direct impact on the sound enclosure of the mount portion is spruce -based plywood , internal wiring , vintage Telefunken Mumekki single line , the speaker terminal using a flat-blade screw vintage -free plating . We recommend a good-quality small output vacuum tube amplifier and a combination . Because there is the handling of the vacuum tube amplifier of small good quality at our studio , if you are interested please contact us .

当スタジオで、エンジニアがヒアリングを繰り返して制作し、数々の作品をモニターしてきたものです。規格VAC(Vacuumschmelze A.G.Hanau,Berlin.)のアルニコ・マグネットとフルトミュラー社の上質で軽量のコーンを採用した口径 8inc(約20cm)のフルレンジ・スピーカーで、インピーダンスは、約5.5~6Ω 箱のサイズはLP ジャケットと同寸の3150mm×3150mm×1850mm

In our studio , is what engineers produced by repeating the hearing , has been monitoring a number of works . Standard VAC (Vacuumschmelze AGHanau, Berlin.) In Alnico magnet and Erfurt Muller company fine and full-range speakers of the caliber adopted the lightweight cone 8inc ( about 20cm) of , the impedance , the size of the box about 5.5 ~ 6Ω is LP jacket and same dimensions of 3150mm × 3150mm × 1850mm
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Siemens 6Ruf. lap 22c@The VAC -made magnet is 1950’s full-range speaker unit that was used . Because it is a sound that is crisp in the firm , it is a speaker that can be used to choose a source .🐸

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